The place where mexicans shake hands


Support in procedures related to Mexico.

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Support in procedures related to United States.

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Insurance service and advisory for the trip to Mexico.

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Service for community strengthening and business.

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"I understand your nedsbecause you´re Mi Paisano" Arturo Lavin Ceo de Casa Paisano.

My goal is to listen to you, understand you and accompany you in the different procedures with the authorities of Mexico and the United States.

We offer training services that allow you to integrate and develop better in the United States, we also advise you so you know how to meet the different requirements for obtaining official documents in Mexico.

Fotografía de Arturo Lavin Presidente y CEO de Casa Paisano

Before you go to the United States, secure your employment

Thanks to the community that we make up and our allies we can help you get a job in the United States. so you can be sure that you will be able to support your family.

Our ideology

We look for Solutions

“One place: to find many solutions”


“Know more: to integrate better and be more successful”


“ Feel at home: to shake hands”

Green card package

If you already have your appointment at the American consulate in Ciudad Juarez, what is best for you is to contract our Green Card package that includes: 4 nights of lodging, transportation included, support for your appointment at CMI and permanent assistance.

Fotografía del Consulado Americano de Ciudad Juárez, con una imagen de una Green Card encima.

Mexico is: traditions, culture and innovation

Mexico is one of the best countries to invest, due to the diverse strengths and business opportunities, if you have thought about that, we will help you.

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Casa Paisano is a space of trust and security because we represent an alliance of private and public institutions, which have been selected based on their honesty, high quality and sensitivity to the migrant.

Domicilio USA: 10190 Kaky Fwy #103 Houston, TX 77043

Domicilio México: Ave. Paseo Royal Country #4650 int 702 Zapopan, Jalisco (Aura Corporativo).

Oficina en México: +(52) 3323034098

+52 1 3324939943

Correo eléctronico:

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